Our impact in 2018

ACED has completed the final year of its 2014–2018 Strategic Plan.  During the implementation of the strategy, we developed several initiatives aimed at achieving our mission, which is to improve food and nutritional security in Benin while ensuring environmental sustainability. In brief, the last year of implementation of our strategic plan enabled us to set the future direction of our activities. Indeed, our new implementation approach will use the experiences we have accumulated to define a set of services that will enable agricultural households to improve the productivity of their economic activities. ACED’s focus will then be on providing these services to agricultural households.

Furthermore, we will strengthen our links with policymakers. ACED’s implementation approach requires the conduct of research-action activities with and for policies in order to promote evidence-informed decision-making. The workshop we organized on 18 September 2018 is the materialization of this approach. It made it possible to bridge the gap between research-action and policies and it facilitates the use of scientific evidence and endogenous knowledge in the formulation and orientation of policies and strategies for the development of the inland fishery sector.

ACED will strive in 2019 to develop its 2020–2024 Strategic Plan, which will guide the center’s new approach and activities. We invite those reading this report to discover more about our activities and impact by visiting our website.

Frejus Thoto

Directeur exécutif, ACED