Annual Report 2017

We are pleased to share with you, on behalf of the Executive Secretariat, the report of our activities during 2017. The year was marked by events and achievements that enriched our expertise and broadened our range of activities. For example, ACED strengthened its expertise in issues related to youth entrepreneurship and urban agriculture. These new capacities support our work in other areas such as inland fisheries and aquaculture, rural agriculture, adaptation to climate change, reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and so on.
In addition, ACED has developed its capabilities in knowledge management, both internally and in its projects and activities. In so doing, several knowledge products – such as policy and knowledge briefs, case studies, success stories, etc – have been developed to inform our stakeholders about good practices, on the one hand, and policymakers about evidence-based actions for effective grassroots development, on the other. Below is an overview of the 7 key achievements in 2017.

All this has earned ACED the renewed confidence of its technical and financial partners who have continued their commitment by supporting our initiatives, and instituting organizational development to ensure greater impact. In 2018, ACED will complete the implementation of its 2014-2018 Strategic Plan. It will continue to implement its initiatives and develop innovative solutions to the challenges faced by smallholders and vulnerable farming populations. It will also continue to strengthen and expand its partnerships.

In 2018, ACED will kick off the development of its 2020-2024 Strategic Plan, which will guide the centre’s new strategy and activities. ACED thanks you for reading this report.
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