Our goal is to create lasting positive change in vulnerable communities..
Agricultural producers strenghtened3 7044 1065 156
Agricultural producers in agro-ecological transition2404701 070
Water hyacinth compost produced (tonnes)5 9007 0008 500
Youth reinforced (under 35 years of age)412526748
Amount of greenhouse gases reduced (tonnes of CO2eq)6 4908 55810 000
Producers and users of evidence engaged in policy dialogues220387500
Financial benefits for our stakeholders (mainly small agricultural producers)1 314 000 $US1 593 085 $US2 008 585 $US
Look at how we have improved the food and nutrition security of the urban poor by connecting research to action. We use the most rigorous evaluation methods, such as randomized controlled trials, to determine the impact that is solely attributable to our work.

The additional income generated by the sale of agro-ecological vegetables helps me to diversify my family’s diet and contributes to the expenses related to the schooling of our children.

Rolande Hounmanon

Agricultural producer in So-ava, South Benin

I can’t remember the last time I bought vegetables to cook at home. Indeed, since I started growing and harvesting on my plot, I have been supplying vegetables to my household on a regular basis. This has considerably reduced my food expenses and given me more autonomy at home.

Adelaide Kounoukpevi

Community garden participant

Prior to ACED’s research, there was a lack of evidence on lake pollution. Today, the documents produced by the program are useful in raising awareness among fishers and policy makers about the challenges posed by lake pollution and how to overcome them.

David Houngue

President National Federation of Fishermen of Benin
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