ACED is a think-and-do tank driving equitable development across Africa.

Through building partnerships, sharing expertise and developing sustainable solutions, we guide and support policy makers and practitioners to make fair, inclusive and informed decisions.

Our work focuses on four thematic areas: food systems, nature economy, digital economy and human development.

At the heart of our work is an integrated approach that combines evidence generation and translation, policy engagement and on-the-ground action. Our work supports and guides decision makers and practitioners, enabling more effective decisions that foster inclusive and equitable development.


  • In recent decades, the number of hungry people in the world had decreased, but this is no longer the case.
  • In Benin, 9.6% of the population, or more than one million people, is food insecure and chronic malnutrition affects 32% of young children.
  • While more than 70 per cent of the country’s population lives from agriculture – and therefore has the means to produce its own food – the limited diversity of production, the predominance of small farms and low productivity mean that farmers’ incomes have remained low and food insecurity is still high.
  • Pressure on natural resources is increasing and exacerbated by climate change.
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Our Mission

To improve lives of African communities through ensuring development is equitable, inclusive and sustainable.

Our Vision

To improve lives of African communities through ensuring development is equitable, inclusive and sustainable.

Our work is guided by:

A belief in the power of evidence

We are committed to generating and translating research that provides the knowledge to act. We are champions for evidence-informed decision-making throughout the region.

Bridging the gap between research and action

Building from our NGO roots, we both think and do. This means merging high-quality research, policy advice and direct, on-the-ground action.

Working across Francophone West Africa and beyond

We face universal challenges that demand coordinated efforts. That’s why we are scaling up our work outside of Benin, extending our reach into Francophone West Africa and beyond.

A commitment to driving development forward

We work across a range of thematic areas, all relevant to development forward. We are agile and responsive in how we work and what we do, adapting our approach based on emerging needs and challenges.

Our Principles and Values


Collaboration and transparency are core to how we work.


– As a team we are motivated by our shared desire to make positive change happen.


We embrace new approaches and always look for different ways to do things.

Our work is based on 4 pillars

1Improving Smallholder Farmers’ Access to Innovation and Markets
2Protecting nature and associated ecosystem services
3Putting scientific evidence at the service of society and nature
4 Building an effective and sustainable organization
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ACED is supported by a variety of partners.

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